The Queen calls Chinese officials ‘rude’ ! How refreshing !

Doubly refreshing, in fact, for the above appears as a headline on the BBC website. This is the first time I can recall that he BBC have allowed themselves to be other than sycophantic to royalty and allow the faintest smidgeon of criticism to emerge in its news reporting.

It’s refreshing that the Queen has been taped actually making an observation of her own. She is normally kept so securely under wraps by the royal civil servants that most of us in this country haven’t the faintest idea of what the queen is really like apart from the fact that she’s mad about horses and for whom music was entirely absent from her curriculum when she was raised as a child by royal nannies.

There’ll be a lot of to-do from royalist fanatics, trying to pass off the Queen’s observation. But I’m sure the Chinese are not going to worry about it. President Xi Jinping, whose Chinese ways obviously nonplussed the Queen when he made his recent official visit to Buckingham Palace — and the most powerful man in the world — least of all.

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