The myth of the EU Referendum

Prime Minister David Cameron is so sensitive about the Chilcot Enquiry into the Iraq Invasion that he has now postponed its publication until after the EU Referendum vote on 23 June.

Six years in the making by Sir John Chilcot, an ex-senior civil servant, and unlike almost all previous similar enquiries by such authors, the two million word document is expected to be critical of government — that is, Tony Blair’s — and thus helpful at the present time to the anti-governmental Leave-the-EU lobby.

As for the two events — the Referendum or the Enquiry — the latter is going to be much more important to the country’s future culture. Despite what is said in the Referendum debate — by both sides — the vote itself is not necessarily a once-a-lifetime occasion. It really doesn’t matter which way the country votes, the EU itself is such a vulnerable financial affair that all sorts of shocks could pull it to pieces in a matter of weeks — or even days.  It wouldn’t need another Referendum vote on any country’s part.

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