Working our way through to the next era

The typical adult in an advanced country has modern versions of everything that royalty possessed 200 or 300 years ago. Good accommodation, personal conveyance, services, entertainments, variety of food, fine quality apparel, personal ornaments, foreign travel, mercenary soldiers to send abroad to die on your behalf, leisure pursuits, spectacular events, tournaments. access to good advisers, doctors, lawyers, accountants.

There is, in fact, little that kings and queens enjoyed that we don’t also enjoy today — but there is also little that we enjoy today that kings and queens were also not able to enjoy then. Travelling — under water, through the air, round the earth and, indeed, to the moon completes the set.

Had the supply of uniquely new consumer goods and services not dried up, and had not circumstances forced us into cities, and had world population not expanded seven or eight-fold and given each of us a lot more space then the industrial revolution might well still be continuing. At least family aeroplanes would have been in mass production by now and we’d be able to fly to work every day if we wanted to.

As it is, until first class scientific research is being carried out in every country wishing to trade innovations with the advanced countries and thus able to attain to a high standard of living then the dreams of growth-economists must now be put on hold while we work our way through to a sophisticated services era.

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