Trump could well be President after all

The chances are high, now, that Donald Trump will be President of the America come 2017. One reason is that, during the New York primary, a lot of former Democratic women must have voted for him despite his offensive remarks about women only days before. Women like a tough bloke, as well as other softer virtues. Hillary Clinton has a 8% poll lead that could easily be swept away in November.

Anotber reason is that Melania Trump is remarkable. When he first wanted her phone number she refused and wanted his. Unless she’d received them all she wouldn’t have rung him back. An architectural graduate from Ljubljana University, speaking four languages, and now a mother, she is said to be deeply supportive of her husband’s reputation and will moderate him.

The Thomas Macaulay view of history is that Great Leaders make Great Events, whereas Leo Tolstoy’s is that Great Events make Great Leaders. Trump’s Presidency could well be more Macaulan than Tolstoyan.

2 thoughts on “Trump could well be President after all

  1. The rule in New York state is that only registered Republicans can vote in their primaries. That is, they have “closed primaries.” Republicans do hold open primaries — in which Democrats and Independents may vote — in some states but not in New York.

    So whether “former Democratic women” voted in large enough numbers for Trump depends on how large that group is — women who were Democrats, then registered as Republican, then voted in the NY primaries, then their vote was for Trump, and that number was high. Quite a long series of conjectures.

    If I were to vote, I would probably vote for the Libertarian party candidate because I live in California, which is a solidly Democrats state. I will never vote for Clinton. So if my vote is wasted anyway, I would just vote for the candidate closest to my principles. But I may just stay home and not vote.

    1. Atanu,– Thanks for the correction. If it wasn’t New Ylork it must have been another primary when quite a significant number of women Democrats must have switched votes. I’m bettng that — ther things being equal — it will happen again at the instant of voting. Keith

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