Who will program the robots?

There are few jobs — so say the experts — even high level professional ones — that will not be carried out by robots in the coming years. I can think of two exceptions immediately — carers/teachers of children, and medical carers. Entertainers in sports and music, etc, must be excluded also.

But, rather along the line of the ancient Greek quotation: “Who will guard the guardians” is the question: “Who will program the robots.” Someone will have to unless you believe in artificial intelligence so that robots will be designing robots. If so, will they be designing for their benefit or for us?

Thee only sensible answer is that every professional will have to become his own program writer. As he learns and as he perfects his skills so he will be writing and testing software. In a sense it will be a double-job, but that seems to be the only way out of an impasse.

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