A new North Korea quite soon?

There’s something special going on in North Korea, I’m sure. An extra large assembly , such as not having been held for many years, is serving as a coronation of Kim Jon Un even though he’s been in the job for three years.  He. dressed in a stylish double-breasted Saville Row suit — with a handkerchief in its button hole — such as Prince Charles sports, suggests perhaps an attempt at a rapprochement with the West.

It could be. A year ago a high-ranked government delegation of North Korea’s Nos. 2, 3, 4 and 5 visited South Korea for a day or two of talks. Not a word leaked out, but it could have been an attempt at reunification.

This year, quite a large team of BBC journalists have been allowed in to film selected parts of Pyongyang. This included, intriguingly, a clip of superbly kitted young footballers training assiduously. Having a national soccer team will be essential entry ticket.

Is something unusual about to happen?

3 thoughts on “A new North Korea quite soon?

  1. Hope you’re correct in your speculation, Keith. If Trump happens to win, fears of WWIII will ramp up in my opinion.

    1. I don’t believe Trump is a war-monger like Bush or Clinton. He’s just a loud-mouthed boor who is sufficiently confident of his status that he does not need to project himself by taking the US to war. If he becomes the POTUS, my guess would be that he’d be a non-interventionist and stop the expansion of US forces abroad.

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