Being patient for a happier future?

The world is now close to maximum production of consumer goods beyond that of food, basic apparel and something to keep the rain from your head. The evidence for this mainly involves the seizing-up 25 years ago of the most advanced economy in the world — that of Japan — and, more recently, the seizing-up of most consumer goods in the world — China’s exports.

The governments of the world can do nothing about this situation and are now in a state of despair that what has been going on since the 2008 Crisis might go on forever. Which is nonsense, of course, because man is forever inventive. Innovations of more efficient production methods and the development of highly personalized services in health care and education leading to happier lives will continue as far into the future as we are capable of imagining.

Governments need only to be advised to be patient as the present mass-production era unwinds — via total automation in due course — into a new, at present nameless, era. But that’s asking a great deal and the next 250 years are likely to be as traumatic for most of the population of the world as the last 250 years of the industrial revolution proved to be.

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