Obama was putting America first

It’s a funny old world. Firstly we had President Obama earlier this week more or less telling us that Britain should remain in the EU when we vote on 23 June. And yesterday we had James Clapper, the Head of US National Intelligence telling us that the free movement of people within the EU — which the EU regards as its proudest achievement yet — means that Isil jihadists are travelling around Europe in their hundreds organising mass terror attacks in the EU and on us in particular.

To what can we attribute this glaring difference of opinion?  Only one thing fits the bill. America is into years of negotiating a free trade treaty with the EU and the latter is proving to be awkward. The EU, being a high tariff beast, is much less keen. If Britain votes to leave the EU on 23 June then it’s much less likely that the treaty will ever be finally agreed. In reading the riot act to us, Obama was only thinking of America’s interests, not ours. It also speaks of a less than a fully joined-up government in Washington.

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