Falling out with Saudi Arabia

Within an hour or two of the 9/11 attacks on the Trade Centers, Ne York, the Pentagon and the foiled attack on the White House, it as known that Osama bin Laden, the black sheep of the incredibly prosperous bin Laden building family was behind it all. Many of the family happened to be in America on holiday at the time and President G. W. Bush made sure that were flown out within hours — before all further flights into and out of America were stopped.

Within days, it was rumoured in the press that of the 19 terrorists who where involved in the four planes,15 were Saudi Arabians. Incredibly not a word ws said about American recrimination against Saudi Arabia. All went very quite for a while except that the incident was transmuted to Islamic terrorism in general and then into Iraqi terrorism in the person of Saddam Hussein. Actually Osama bin Laden despised Saddan Hussein. The American public was conned, and so was the British population, too.

Now at last, the relatives are trying to bring all the evidence out into the open with a vew to suing Saudi Arabia in due course. A reluctant President Obama is now being pressured to declassifying what information exists. A showdown with Saudi Arabia for this and all sort of other reasons is surely called for. .

2 thoughts on “Falling out with Saudi Arabia

  1. HI, Keith:

    Great comment! I still believe that Cheney/Bush and the Saudis planned 9/11 together. I think there is enough evidence to show it, such as chemical analysis of the building dust after 9/11, which contains the kind of chemicals used for implosions. I believe independent researchers have done such an analysis. And, why shouldn’t Cheney/Bush and the Saudis collaborate? Cheney/Bush wanted unlimited access to Iraqi oil to give to their corporate buddies, and the Saudis could help them. Get us into a war so we can take over Iraqi oil. 9/11 was a great excuse. I write to my national legislators all the time asking why we have any relationship with the Saudis, considering their involvement with 9/11. I never get an answer. I can write about the fate of the Greater Sage Grouse and get a nice note back, but nothing on the Saudis. Shrub Bush (George the 43rd) knew exactly what he was doing when he flew members of the Bin Laden family out of the U.S. after 9/11. But, why did he do that? Americans can say that never happened, but it was in all the newspapers and on the TV news.

    I think those seeking redress have been turned down. The Saudis don’t trust us and are irritated at the Western nuclear arrangement with Iran. Well, who is at the crux of all terrorist violence in the Middle East? Saudi Arabian Wahabis. They’re sending money to the Islamic State folks. Our arrangement with Iran is a practical one. No one wants them to get nuclear weapons. I get tired of seeing westerners or others genuflecting to the Saudis. It’s about time that we have no relationship with them. Expose their terrorist dealings and who they are.


    1. Hi Helene, There would have no need for explosive material — the sheer impact of the planes would have been enough to ignite the fuel. I don’t believe there was any collusion over 9/11 between the Bin Ladens and the Bushes. The families had known each other for a long time and there were always some Bin Ladens on holiday in America. They had to be got out of the country immediately to avoid personal attacks because it was known very quickly that Osama was probably involved somewhere in the background. As to the friendship between SA and the US, the latter depended for 30% of its energy at that time from Saudi Arabia.

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