How to be a super-nation

A press camera has once again caught the typewritten lines of a document being accidently exposed by a minister entering 10 Downing Street. Apparently, the document say that some Russell Group universities — equivalent to America’s Ivy League — are not offering the quality and value for money that students expect. It also revealed that the Prime Minister’s pledge to double the number of poor children going to university by 2020, won’t be achieved.

So there’s likely to be yet another enormous row between parents and the government. Isn’t it about time that education is taken away from party politics — and particularly from the largely non-scientific civil service — and shaped along the lines that the biological sciences can tell us about ourself?

The most important lesson of all is that there an enormous variation in talent in the newly born of every generation in every income group or culture class. Any government that ignores such a bonanza — as most have done so far — will not survive in the further, much more competitive, future.

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