The successor to Queen Elizabeth

It is beginning to to look as though the succession to Queen Elizabeth has now been decided.  Prince William the grandson, not Prince Charles the son. The bonus for this — from the Palace civil servants’ point of view — is that Kate, being the ‘genuine’ wife of William, will become a real Queen. If Prince Charles had become King then Camilla — someone with whom Charles had lived ‘in sin’ with for many years and thus not fully-approved by the Church of England as a wife — would still have become sort of consort. When they married they didn’t have a full cathedral job.

Earlier this year there were rumours that Prince William was kicking up about the number of official duties he was being drafted to do by the Palace civil servants. He wanted to get back to his real job — flying an east coast emergency helicopter — he said. And then here was a flurry of official jobs, and also some for Catherine on her own, even though she now has two young children.

And now, latest official duty of all, William and Catherine are now in Bhutan, meeting King Jigme Wangchuck and Queen Jetsun Pema. It is supposed to be an official visit but it is difficult to see what possible interests we have there. We don’t even have an Ambassador there.

It looks as though Palace officials have now crossed their constitutional Rubicon by finally getting Prince William’s agreement — and, presumably, Prince Charles’ in the background. From now onwards, the longer the Queen survives, and the older Charles, now 68, becomes, the easier it will become for Palace officials to put the case to the general public

If the Queen survives another few years then Charles will be in his 70s. “After all”, Palace officials will say, we really can’t appoint a 70-year old into such an onerous job. Which is rubbish, of course. Kings or Queens of England these days needn’t have any official duties at all if they don’t want them. It’s only a ceremonial position. Their one and only constitutional act — the signing of all Acts of Parliament could easiiy be dispensed without the slightest effect.

There we are then. None of this posting is of any importance at all save to illustrate just how vacuous the ‘establishment’ of this country is — and just how credulous most of the public are.

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