Waiting to hear from China

As expected. the Panamanian law firm, Mossack Fonseca, is turning out to be a bucket shop for what can be called the ‘ordinary’ rich tax avoiders, not the sort of top 1% rich that many socio-political commentators — particularly of the extreme left-wing variety — were hoping for.

Thus The Guardian has released a few more names in addition to Putin’s friend, Cameron’s late father, and the new president of Fifa whose name escapes me for the moment. There’s also Simon Cowell (television celebrity). Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York), Paul Burrell (butler to the late Princess Diana), Heather Mills (the brief wife of Sir Paul McCartney, Mark Thatcher (Margaret Thatcher’s son), Jackie Chan, Nick Faldo and Andy Cole.

As for Mossack Fonseca — which has now probably lost all the goodwill it has ever had — would have been avoided by the really rich. They’d have been much more discerning.

The only Mossack Fonseca customers of more than passing interest — senior Chinese politicians and officials, starting with president Xi Jinping himself, of course — who could only go to a ‘popular’ law firm for lack of knowledge of where else (plenty of much more discrete ones in London), we’ll probably hear nothing more about for a few months. Any fall-out at present will be going on behind really impenetrable Chinese Walls! We’ll hear sooner or later — we hope.

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