Will Greece be expelled from the EU this year?

News/rumour has it that Angela Merkel and her small group of supporters wants to eject Greece from the EU this year. The German electorate is no longer willing to have a reduced standard of living in order to be the main providers of further bail-outs for Greece.

The inner cabal of the Brussels bureaucracy will oppose this, of course, because it might encourage other countries spontaneously to leave the EU.

However, the IMF won’t support another bail-out either. It actually went beyond its powers in 2014 as part of the ‘troika’ that finally went to Greece’s rescue. The IMF is not supposed to make loans that it knows can never be repaid. It only did so last year after being pressed by Obama — not the US Congress, which is always liable to reduce American funds to the IMF.

It looks as though it’s 2:1 against Brussels.

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