Divide and Rule for Europe

The cleverness of the EU bureaucrats in Brussels is due to the conjunction of the cleverest senior civil servants of this country. France and Germany when setting it up in the first place == and, of course, in manipulating enough of the senior politicians of the said countries to give it political approval.

Where they’ve been especially clever is in designing a pseudo nation-state with a pseudo Parliament — giving MPs lavish salaries and expenses — and to have, not one, but five Presidents!

There’s the President of the European Commission, the Euro Summit, the Eurogroup. the Central Bank and the Parliament. Like puppets on a stage each one can be brought forward to the stage or retired from it according to the problem at hand. They, of course, have immense salaries and expenses!

But why not just one President of the EU, just like any normal organisation? Ah, but he might start becoming too popular, perhaps even too democratic! That would be fatal to Brussels. No, they’ve read their Machiavelli and their Sun Tzu . Divide and Rule it is.

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