Cricket lives again!

Until the last over of the Twenty20 cricket final yesterday between the West Indies and England in Kolkata, India, no one in their right mind would have given West Indies a chance. With 19 runs to get in a six-ball over — the average being seven or eight runs — it was an almost impossible task.

But Carlos Brathwaite, batting at number eight, came in and knocked four sixes in succession, something never achieved before in world-class cricket. The last bowl was hit over the stadium, presumably into Kolkata traffic below and the ball was never found again.

Ben Stokes, the England bowler whose deliveries were apparently treated so contemptuously is shown crouched and crying on many newspaper pages this morning. But in retrospect he won’t feel so ashamed. It was, in fact, a great day for cricket. It underlines the fact that 20-overs cricket has got the game back on its feet from 20 years ago when the usual county games and even Test matches were dying on their feet due to too careful batting and thus sheer boredom and paucity of audiences.

One thought on “Cricket lives again!

  1. But that’s not cricket; if you want play like that, go and play baseball! Real cricket is a game of chess played by sportsmen.

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