What is the status of abortion?

But — referring tangentially to my previous posting — is abortion a women’s ‘right?

I think not — in the strictly so-called moral sense which causes so much social controversy, particularly in America today. It seems to be stronger than a woolly ‘human right’. Abortion in the form of child-culling seems to have been a survival ‘overlay’, a practice that might have become an instinct in due course had man remained hunter-gatherers in the African savannah for a few million years longer.

Anthropologists have observed in one tribe after another all round the world in different habitats the practice of the culling of all new born children whenever they had physical handicaps, even quite trivial ones, which might, in ancestral wisdom, have denoted the early sign of some much more serious genetic handicaps that didn’t reveal themselves until much later in the growing child, The criterion seems to be: Is such a child possibly going to be an emotional or economic burden on the mother or the culture group in which the child was born.

2 thoughts on “What is the status of abortion?

  1. Children are becoming a consumer item. People want them or don’t want them. Or want them when the “time is good”. So abortion is sometimes done when for convenience. Paradoxically society is OK with taking the life of a fetus but is struggling with dying with dignity. Its seems OK to take the life of a fetus with its whole life ahead of him/her but seems reluctant for the individual who wants control over his/her end of life choice. We have given choice re: abortion. It is time to give choice to the individual over their own body. Choice is the issue. If its OK in one situation is should be OK in the end of life situation.

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