The world is watching for Trump’s replacement

The shallowness of Donald Trump’s mind has now been fully revealed by his latest — and most serious — gaffe. That women who have abortions should face “some sort of punishment” has destined him for almost certain defeat by Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party candidate come November.

He may have been right about the political need for America to have a wall built against future mass immigration from Central and Southern America in the same way that the EU was finally forced by populist politics to be brutal by sending back thousands of would-be immigrants from Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

But Trump was certainly not right — and potentially very dangerously so — in what he has said about a great many other issues in this highly stressed, highly complex world of ours. Some sort of future nuclear stand-off between himself and Kim Jon-Un of North Korea doesn’t bear thinking about.

As far as I understand it, the American Constitution allows state delegates to make themselves completely unbound from populist expectations when faced with the possibility of a demagogue being elected to the Presidency. But notionally ‘Republican’ state delegates are not enthused by the existing Republican alternative — Ted Cruz — either.

Perhaps delegates will actually choose an ‘outside’ candidate of known ability instead, such as Michael Bloomberg or Paul Ryan. Many more people than the Amerrican electorate are already keenly interested observers in the electoral cockpit.

One thought on “The world is watching for Trump’s replacement

  1. I would support anyone who can keep the Clintons out of the White House. Agreed Trump seems foolish and banal. Hillary is ambition unbound. Add sociopathic liar and she also poses a threat.

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