Well said, young people at Columbia University!

We badly need young people, as explained in my penultimate posting, “The greatest danger facing the advanced nations”. The vast majority of new ideas in the sciences, the arts and in business come from young people. Think Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, etc. (And, more than likely, the person who built the first cotton-spinning factory which launched the industrial revolution.)

But these highly creative young people are rare. One in 1,000? One in 10.000 perhaps. Even 1 in 100,000? Until then, the mass of them — well, we love them individually but collectively they’re often a thundering nuisance and sometimes can be downright reactionary and to be avoided. In my old age I look wryly upon any mass exuberance by young people.

Not so, students at Columbia University! Apparently the Butler Library there is proposing to install Henry Moore’s Reclining Figure. The young people think the bronze monument is hideous. So do I. Henry Moore is part of the 100 year wave of post-Impressionist madness that has overtaken art.

An op-ed in Columbia Spectator newspaper says: “The bronze monument was sculpted [sic] by the noted English artist, Henry Moore — presumably after he woke up from a terrible nightmare.” Well said. The monument ought to be melted down and re-fashioned as a statue to Richard Feynman, America’s genius of the last century. Have him reclining if you like. Now that would be something worth looking at!

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