The “Why” of mass migration

We all know the real reason for mass migration. It’s been the same throughout history. It is for economic reasons — sometimes for reason of sheer survival. In the case of mass migration into the European Union which is more complicated than mass migrations fo the past, it is also expensive. Travel agents — pejoratively known as “criminal human traffickers” by Europeans politicians — cost money. So only people who can afford it can migrate.

So by far the most people who have been trying to migrate into the EU have either been young men — usually under the age of 30 — whose families back home have saved up enough money for them — or fairly well off older parents who have young children and want to see them more adequately educated in the jobs of tomorrow.

Senior civil servants of the advanced nations, who are highly intelligent and far better informed than most have been aware of what I wrote about in my previous posting, “The greatest danger facing the advanced nations”. This is why, watching the declining child births in their countries — and thus declining taxation — have been manipulating senior politicians for the past 20 or 30 years in opening the flood gates to immigration because they will be able to restore enough children and young people. They and the senior governmental politicians have been doing this surreptitiously, of course. Until very recently the general public have only vaguely been aware.

It’s the easy way out. It’s less expensive — initially, anyway –than reforming the state education systems and making sure that they are up to the standard of the best private schools which are adequately preparing their students for the much more complex world of the post-industrial era.

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