Professionals really are beautiful

If working class people in Britain didn’t quite make the grade as middle class and are now becoming steadily impoverished — whatever nonsense the government may say about ‘high-skill’ Britain — they are certainly observant enough about the upper middle class.

They call them ‘the beautiful people’ — and they are correct! Upper middle class people are more beautiful than working class people. What’s more, it’s not politically incorrect to call them beautiful. What’s more, they are healthier, and it’s not politically incorrect to say so either. What’s is politically incorrect — particularly in the hearing of any left-wing pseudo-intellectuals — is to say that the upper middle class are more intelligent. That is because the left-wing pseudo-intelligentsia still think that state-run schools are the best.

The fact is that beauty, intelligence and good health are highly correlated genetically. It’s the relative low level of deleterious mutations in the usual standard set of genes that does the trick. And why is that? Because pecking order is instinctive in man. And neccessary. Human groups always need able leadership and, by eschewing inept or handicapped males as partners, young women ensure that deleterious gene mutations tend to be disinherited.

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