And again we can’t blame the Chinese — blame the Germans instead!

Referring to my previous posting of yesterday, no, we can’t blame the Chinese for closing down Port Talbot and throwing thousands out of work. Tata Steel, which for years has been trying to make its various British steel works viable has now decided that when it has closed down in Britain it is going to join up with ThyssenKrupp in Germany.

The new set-up will be making various sorts of high quality steels second only in quantity with ArcelorMittal, another European steel firm. Both of these will be able to survive, despite competition from China because, generally, its engineering industry is better worked and better managed than industry in Britain, more specifically Wales, its impoverished, relatively talentless, province.

Why is Wales (and Scotland and Northern Ireland for that matter) “relatively talentless”? Because any young people with any intelligence or abilities at all migrate to a few small pockets of prosperity in England, more usually to London.

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