Big Businesses says Yes to EU, Big Businessmen say No

In a recent Letter to the Daily Telegraph 36 CEOs of the largest 100 businesses in Britain proclaimed their support for remaining in the EU. The remainder — who were sure to be asked — were either against membership or were indifferent. Interestingly the CEOs who would privately say they are against the EU haven’t signed another Letter because that would be against the interests of their company. The larger the company the more it tolerates EU regulations because it helps to keep smaller competitive businesses — which can’t afford the administrative staff — at bay.

However, ask the retired CEOs of major British companies and it’s a different story. The Vote Leave group has now published a Latter signed by 250 of them.

It’s not going well for the EU civil servants in Brussels and the tame politicians they manipulate, with two major problems — monetary and immigration — nowhere near solved. The one prevents at least five countries from ever reducing their national debts. The other has already broken the EU’s proudest achievement — the internal borderless zone. It may already be acquiring its third major problem — terrorism by Muslim State fanatics — against which cooperation between different police forces has been largely lacking,

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