Looking forward to Boys’ Liberation

It is already apparent that among young think tankers appearing on television that women are far more articulate than men. This is not in the social subjects in which we’ve long accepted them to be better but also in economics. If any young minds are going to lead the way out of the present fog then there is a very fair chance that they will be women.

It’s a tad premature yet but one of the most serious reforms that that will loom mightily in the years to come is Men’s Lib with particular reference to education. At puberty girls’ minds are already years ahead of boys’. This was fine and dandy when young women generally chose older, more economically dependable men as providers for themselves and children — and still do — but not any more in an age when intelligence and educability counts more than ever.

Men are going to be totally swamped by women in most occupations in the years to come until the age of about 30 and onwards. At that age woman have been fully mature for, on average, four years sooner. Men won’t begin to catch up with women in pay and seniority in most disciplines until they’re about 35. The reason is, as neuroscientists are now telling us, is that whereas the frontal lobes of women’s brains are fully developed at age of about 25, men’s won’t do so until nearer 30.

In the years to come we’ll have Boys’ Lib — particularly for more appropriate exams from childhood onwards — because they cannot cope with all those — even through to graduate level — that are presently thrust upon them.

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