Who are the domestic terrorists then?

Referring to my previous posting it has been put to me that some of the 350 British Muslims who’ve returned from Syria may, in fact be potential terrorists. That may very well be so, but if all have been released after questioning by the MI5 — which seems to be the case — then it suggests that there are no, or very few, potentially dangerous ones among them.

In the last 12 months or so, rumour has it that six terrorist plots have been uncovered and neutralised — though we haven’t heard of any prosecutions — so one or two, or all, of these may be due to returned Muslims. But if so, why hasn’t this been mentioned specifically?

The conclusion I draw is that none of the returnees came back with the intention of being a terrorist here. Their subsequent activities would have been all to easy to shadow by the MI5. If any terrorist plots to be carried out here are currently being planned — as there probably are — then, like all those that have been attempted or perpetrated so far have been by those who have been radicalised at home.

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