The entrenchment of the social elite

I think it will take at least another generation yet before the gender pay gap myth dies. It won’t be due to rational argument but to the fact that there are some jobs that are strongly gender-linked and this has yet to sink in among the politically correct. Women don’t want to be politicians or CEOs of major corporations or soccer players to anywhere near the same extent as men– though those who do appear to be far better on the whole than their average male peers.  Conversely there’ll never be as many male nurses, doctors, junior school teachers, personnel specialists, etc as females.

Due to the faster development of frontal lobes, girls and women are generally anything between two and four years more mature than boys and men, the latter not catching up until they are about 30 years of age. Due to more specializations in advanced countries we are also likely to see women’s pay dominating men’s until the age of about 35 even in the non-caring professions for at least another generation.

Specialization plus differential brain development plus assortative mating, especially of Oxbridge biased matches, has also meant the emergence of two populations. No longer the fairly small ‘new middle class’ of the 19th century we now have the solid entrenchment of a larger elite class in which, at about the 85 percentile and above, high-earning women are marrying high-earning men and, in effect, almost doubling the differential between them and those where only one of a pair had a decent income.

Social mobility overall — that is, mainly between the ‘underclass’ and the elite has been heading to zero for at least 50 years and probably 100. This is far more important, in my view, than women’s equal pay alone. Nowadays, the small talented contingent of the underclass which are invited into the elite every year now contains far more young women than men, simply because they are also more likely to be beautiful (genetically highly correlated with brains) and they, traditionally, can rise up through the social classes in a way that men can’t. The growing gap between over- and under-classes is a phenomenon which the politicians are only just becoming aware of — what with the recent success of Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, and a few more.

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