France and Germany won’t be going to war . . . but . . .

The great paradox of the success — if you want to call it that ! — of the European Union (EU) so far is that almost all its members’ leaders — belonging to well-educated elites in their own countries — can talk together in their second language — English. The same can be said for the civil servants in Brussels. Without English being spoken between any individual of any rank and in any department, EU rules, regulations and treaties would never have been developed as fast as they have been — and which now spread themselves into all the functions of a nation-state.

Except nation-state it isn’t ! EU officials may say it wants to be an ever-closer united state — or ‘super-state’ as its critics call it — it is still little more than a monetary union — inside a regional free market area with high tariff walls around it. In his usual Monday article in today’s Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson gives the impression that whether Britain votes to stay in it or leave it, the EU will carry on regardless. Therefore Boris Johnson is one of those who are purveying the fallacy that the Referendum on 23 June is a lifetime opportunity.

That’s nonsense — as already shown by Scottish National Party (SNP) since the Scottish referendum in May 2014 which they also characterised as a single lifetime opportunity. The SNP are already talking of another referendum ! Referenda can arise in any ‘democratic’ country where a crucial issue cuts right across conventional party lines.

I will be voting Yes to Brexit come 23 June, if only doing my little bit to make the future of the EU is little neater for historians. The EU is going to fold up anyway before too long. If Britain leaves the EU it’ll be just a little quicker. It won’t be able to act as a peace-maker any longer between France and Germany. They’re already beginning to fall out. This will be on top of the euro fiasco and the gathering problem of Third World immigrants.

France and Germany won’t be going to war because neither of them can afford an army — and America wouldn’t lend either of them the money this time — but also the Second World War was the last time that ordinary folk are going to be manipulated by their respective elites into killing other’s ordinary folk, particularly since they’ve become friends via tourism.

The EU cannot succeed because its creators couldn’t see the nation-state from enough perspective. Had they done so they would have realised that all nation-states are the products of warfare whch, when ended, is followed up immediately with the suppression of all languages except one in each case. In due course, one language helps to bring about one culture. There is no possibility of any of that in the case of the EU.

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