Is it going to be Big government or Small government?

One reader has hauled me over the coals for contradicting myself. I wrote in yesterday’s post, “War of the Worlds” that governments are going to be much smaller in future years, yet in today’s “Who will pay for scientific research?” I’ve suggested that government are always going to be large.

Note though, in the latter case I said that they would be large in GDP terms — that is, in terms of government spending — that is, in big spending on scientific research in order to attract large employers and remain competitive with other countries. As to governments being much smaller in future years — because business corporations will force them to spend less on themselves and become more efficient — I meant that they will have to shelve many of the functions that, at present, take large number of civil servants to carry out.

I’m grateful for this admonishment. It will teach me me to become more exact !

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