How will the EU finally break its back?

The incompetence of the EU is beginning to be unbelievable. In as short a period of 16 years, not only has the euro currency brought Greece to the edge of disaster — over which it may well topple before too long — but also two more, Spain and Portugal, which are finding it impossible to have straightforward balances of trade. As for Italy — an easy-going country at the best of times — nothing wrong with that normally — adds to its charm — is heading straight for the bail-out bin.

As for the gaffe of Angela Merkel — the only strong-weak politician that the EU has had for the last few years — in opening the doors of Germany — and by implication the rest of the EU — to millions of the Muslim wretched of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and various war-torn countries of Africa, then it has already wrecked the EU’s proudest accomplishment so far — borderless visa-free travel within it. What are the odds against the complete restitution of the Schengen Zone? Pretty substantial, I’d suggest.

How will the EU finally break its back? Probably when it finds that it, too, has no answer to the present impasse in world trading. However, whereas China, Japan and America, each with their own culture and unifying language, will get by in one way or another, the 28 member countries of the EU, already revolting against the civil servants in Brussels, haven’t a chance of any sort of unifying principle.

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