The Referendum is going to be more interesting now

Now that Boris Johnson has decided to join the Leave EU lobby, then this is likely to ensure that Britain will be coming out on 23 June. Boris Johnson is a clown and extremely popular in the country among both Labour and Conservative voters but he’s no mean heavyweight either. Together with Michael Gove, Justice Minister, there’ll be two charismatic figures heading the Leaving group.

Boris’s decision will cause consternation throughout the EU. The EU badly needed Britain far more than Britain needed the EU if only to act as an honest broker between a disciplined, still economically successful Germany and an increasingly quarrelsome France that’s going to start needing bail-outs before too long.

If the Referendum goes against David Cameron, then he’ll be obliged to resign as leader of the Conservatives and thus Prime Minister. It’ll likely be Boris Johnson in his place. Interestingly, Michael Gove has never expressed a wish to be Prime Minister. Even less so now. As Justice Minister, he’s got the chance of sharpening up an inefficient and too privileged judiciary in this country but it will need his undivided attention for at least a couple of years, such are the protective practices around it that need to be softened up.

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