What about today and Sunday?

This was when the 28 Prime/Foreign Ministers were to have decided what to do about the mass migration into the EU.  Yesterday, however, much to the annoyance of most, it was dominated by the Brexit question.

Opinion is divided between the neo-liberal Angela Merkel and followers who want to allow a million or more Syrian migrants into Germany and EU, and the Visegrad Four, or V4, an alliance of Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia which don’t want them.  To these may be added Denmark, Sweden and Austria which, after being inundated, are now only allowing very small numbers in.

The obvious solution is to build large assessment centres at the main entry points on the boundary of the EU, sending back those migrants who don’t have genuine cause for seeking asylum. At the time of writing, no-one knows what the consequences on the returnees will be.  There are also rumours that Greece and Italy may have to be excluded from the visa-free travel zone within the EU — though not from the EU itself. This would be a fundamental breach of the EU.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day for the EU !

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