A human ecosystem?

One of our present obsessions are cookery programmes on television.  At the same time we are steadily eating more ready-made meals from year to year which are, increasingly, tastier and more nutritious than the generality of home-prepared food. We’ll also soon end the practice of confining sentient animals in factories from the day they’re born till the day they die — far more barbaric than ancient hunting when at least animals had a taste of life and exuberance for a while before being killed.  The factory production of protein, fruits and vegetables will also give us a far wider variety of superb tastes than ever before.

When our genetic expertise is sufficiently far advanced, do we imagine that we’ll not be tempted into budding new species for hominim from Homo sapiens?  I’m sure we will.  New species that are able to hibernate for long periods of time — enabling us to travel to distant planets?  Others who can live comfortably — and enjoyably — in space satellites and carry out important functions for us on earth?  Others who can live under the sea.  Others who are good athletes?  And, quite simply, other breeds of hominim just for the sheer interest of it — in short a richer human ecosystem than the one we have now?

Of course, all the above possibilities couldn’t possibly be proposed now because traditional beliefs in egalitarian souls still persist, but our sense of curiosity — although the last instinct to have evolved in our ancestry — is now arguably as strong as any of the traditional ones.

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