Countries in which Muslims are not happy

A friend has just sent me something which first appeared on Facebook, then on Twitter.  It show a list of 11 Muslim countries in which a Dr Farookh Saleem —  a strict Muslim apparently — says Muslims are not happy.  It then show a list of 11 mainly European countries in which he says that Muslims are happy.

It’s only a matter of time and cheap enough smartphones — well within five years? —  when there’ll be 11 revolutions around the world.

P.S  By “revolutions” I don’t just mean the sort of revolutions which the north African countries were supposed to have gone through in order to have ‘democracy’. I mean full-bloodied 1789- 1917- or 1949-type efforts which might turn up anything by way of governments afterwards — but at least the 11 will get rid of their mullahs.

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