Money is a three-Act play

1. Money was invented by businessmen for their own convenience (and their customers, too);
2. The manufacture of money was taken over by governments for their own profligacy;
3.  When too much money has been manufactured and everybody is dipping his hand into it, then money takes over willy-nilly until, roughly, a steady-state is reached.

And that’s where we are now. Within the reach of human nature — some wanting more money, others wanting to deny it to others — and governments not taking silly decisions — the world economy will look after itself from now onwards. Some people call it recession, or a depression or even a catastrophe.  Doesn’t matter. It’s the world economy repairing itself.

After then, depending on the number and type of innovations that become available, the changing reach of human nature and the availability of energy to keep the system going, the world economy will change to a higher level or a lower level.  It kill be looking after itself despite the tweakings of governments which are supposed to be ameliorative.

The whole thing went wrong when money ceased being a commodity with a value of its own that was convenient to use to balance-up trade, and became a token which governments could inflate for its own purposes and steadily deprive the public of its value from year to year.

One day, when man is intelligent enough, we’ll be back lo a one-Act play.  There’ll always be problems due to human nature but none as long-lasting, or as frequent or serious enough as those we have today.

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