Letting realism into sport

Professional tennis is now implicated in drug taking and corrupt payments.  This has always been a ‘nice’ sprt. Twenty yer ago everybody would have been shocked.  But’s siucch an individual sport and the prizes are so high, its popularity is so great  There probably isn’t a sport remaining which isn’t affected now.

The protestations of innocence that come form the genuine are identical from thos who are guilt. Even detector tests are not reliable.  Supervisory and testing bodies will have to be a lot large than they are now and who can say that all their personnel are not total honest. And even if they;re honest and want to reveal incrimintory results, can thy stand up to senior officials who often want to keep them under wraps uite “for the good of the sport” or the multi-billion sports arena that is just being built.

The situation can only get ‘worse’ — which means beibg realistic about human nature.

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