Half of English women have experienced mental problems

Half of English women in middle-aged life  have experienced mental illness at some earlier time in their lives.  This is according to the National Health Service in England, (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has separate state health services.)  This surprised me even though  I knew anecdotally that something like 6% of those attending a GP’s clinic every morning don’t have any physiological problems at all – but fall into a social, pychological, emotional, depressive bag)

According to the Survey the most common diagnoses are as follows —

1, — 19% diagnosed —  various foms of depression including pos-natal depression;
2, — 8% panic attacks;
3. — 5% generalised anxiety disorder;
4. — 3% nervous breakdown,
5. — 2% post-traumatic stress disorder.
It’s not all one-sided, of course, 49% of men have diagnosed mental problems — though men tend to hide their problems.

We are supposed to be living in an era of great anxiety but how much this compares with other eras is impossible to day.  Maybe we’ll be able to get some general ideas from fossil bones and other camp site evidence.  But it may not be possible and it may not be important or interesting.  Suffice it to say that angst is forever with us and something we’ll always have to accommodate to.

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