Personal Interlude

I hadn’t written a post yesterday becaue I was a little shakey after taking some sleeping pills (Lorezepam) the night before,  prescribed by my doctor some months ago as an occasional back-up.  Wary of ever beccming addicted, last hight was first time I ried them.  It was actually my second sleepness night on the trot. After taking them, it was a surprise that although all sorts of spooky tingling were going on in my body, it took more than another three hours before I felt sleepy. Thus when  I woke up early his morning I’d only had three or four hours of sleep altogther — not the seven or eight that the instruction sheet promised me !  What’s more I haven’t felt sleepy furing the day.

But today has had to be a write-off for normal thinking and writing because I found that when I wrote a few simple e-mails to friends I found I couldn’t spell the simplest words and grammar was also shot.  I had to go over sentences three or four times to get them right. At the tail-end of he day, 11.50pm, this seems to have gone now.

It’s also opportune to mention that because I have advanced emphysema and can scarcely walk from my daytime sofa plus working library to my night-time recliner-chair  I am due to depart at any time — heart attack, or pneumonnia or ‘flu.  Atanu Dey, after cconfirming with my better half or my daughterr, has kindly agree to write to this bloglist to confirm the situation.

I’ve also asked Atanu to copy my Theory of Post-Industrial Economics to his farewell post.  Now this theory, simple, or even banal though it may seem to some readers, particularly professional economists, is actually my life’s work, if that doesn’t sound too pompous — an addiction which has threaded in and out of all the other things I’ve attempted.  My theory gathers together deep concerns about human nature and society that has troubled me since adolescence, together with mid-life puzzlement about politics and economics and then forcing them together with what are only very recent discoveries in evolutionary genetics mainly as a result of the many shocks emanating from the first draft elucidation of the human genome project (HGP) in 2003.

Economists can no longer say rhat it can never be a science because of the complexities and vagaries of human nature.  Evolutionary genetics has now shown us  since 1953 that even these can be related to an considerable exent by the coding of genes and, since 2003, to the further coding of epigenes in the overall genome.

Furthermore, because everything that a human being does by way of thinking, deciding and acting, has an effect on the outside mecanical world then economics is doubly into the science of thermoynamics, This means that so lomg as man is able to inject additional energy to that which the sun normally radiates onto the living enviironment then his world-wide economy will become of a fixed overall actvity just as the natural envornmentt is.

Becaise my theory is a scientific then it will the first true theory of economics ever. It will be testable before being overtaken by a better one. It’s first test is that if Janet Yellen of of the Fed (America’s central bank) succeeds in raising the economic growth of America above its lamentable state then my theory will fail.  My theory will be correct if the present world economic impasse continues wll beyond all previous recessions since the dawn of the individual revolution. If we time our present recession form 2008 then the key year to note is 2034.*  If the world is growing economically in 2035 then my theory will have been proved wrong.
(*The longest previus economic depression was that between 1963 and 1896 in England.)

4 thoughts on “Personal Interlude

  1. Dear Keith,
    I’m so sorry to hear that you are ailing.
    Please know to the depths of your being that you–and your work–have been keenly appreciated lo these many years.
    Please know, also, that you have been a model for many of us, a model of intelligent reflection, original insight, and a quiet thoughtful tone that much of the world seems to be losing, much to its loss.
    I call you friend, and thank you for the privilege of doing so.

  2. Lawry, I agree with you completely. The somewhat overused term “a gentleman and a scholar” comes to mind. The world needs more of what Keith has been delivering to us over the years.

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