Terrorist attacks are the least of our problems

It is already the case that the 300 million of people in northern Europe are experiencing population movements from some of the 400 million people of the Middle East and the 1,100 million people of Africa.  While the population of the northern European countries is liable to decline to 200 million by the year 2100, the Middle East will expand to 680 million people (a 72% rise) and Africa will expand to 4,950 (a 350% rise)  [The figures are derived from a report from the Royal Bank of Canada, based on population projections of the United Nations.]

While it is true that migrants mainly come from the war-torn countries of the two blocs, how many more wars are there going to be in the coming years?  Migration pressure will remain enormous and continuous from now onwards unless the lesson (unfortunately brutal) of “No more” is rammed home as soon as possible. This has almost been achieved on the land borders but the EU has still not had the courage to institute blockades on the Mediterranean sea coasts from which boats set out.  It is only then that the thousand-mile supply chains of migrants will slow down and then cease.

Government politicians are sensitive to terrorist attacks by Isis and so forth, but the majority of ordinary folk in ordinary jobs in Europe are far more worried about immigrants taking their jobs away from them. It is this fear that has eclipsed what would be their normal instinct to help the immigrants who would like to come here.

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