What Philistine governments should be doing

In my penultimate post I suggested that the standard of living of countries in the future will depend very much on its relative facility of innovation compared with other countries. In turn, this depends on governments giving as much priority as it can afford to scientific research.

At present, several advanced governments fund many university faculties which are nothing to do with preparing young people for life and fall into the category of being scholarly for scholarship’s sake  — philosophy, literature, etc.  There is nothing wrong with this and, besides, there are many borderline subjects as well as some which are established as leisure pursuits but have economic implications later.

But governments should not be funding these.  Let individuals and private foundations support them such university faculties. If any of them mean anything at all they’ll not suffer from lack of funds.

The following is part of an Abstract of a dissertation whose author was rewarded with a PhD == altogether this has involved many thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money.  .

“This PhD thesis investigates the cultural implications of cis-women performing female drag, with particular focus in cis-female drag queens (aka faux queens) who are straight-identified. The research has been completed as creative production and exegesis, and both products address the central research question. . . ”

If the author of the above ever came across my comments then I would no doubt be instantly labelled as a Philistine.  But then, labelling is something that the post-modernist pseudo-intellectual generation so easily fall into the habit of.  An increasing number of the real intellectuals of the modern generation are increasingly branching into science during adolescence as recent university applications show.

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