The super-eruption of the immigration problem in Germany

On the morning of 1 January the Cologne police department’s press department released a statement under the heading: “Festive Atmosphere — Celebrations Largely Peaceful.”  It now turns out that that it was very unruly and that many women had been assaulted.  The police not only covered up this but also that similar attacks had been going on art several big city railway stations in Germany — that is, where New Year celebrations are usually held. Assailants of North African or Middle Eastern appearance have been implicated by the women concerned.

It now turns out that this was a ‘special’ version of what had been going on anyway in front of all large railways stations in German, not just on New Years’ Day, but any date of the week.  There have been a disproportionate number of street crimes there for the past two or three years. And the police have been covering them up.

The publication of police statistics is a crime in Germany and this is why, until the past week in Germany, no glimmer of these events — apparently involving immigrants, legal or illegal — has been appearing in German newspapers. Der Speigel has now given the whole story for the first time.  This has now become such a huge controversy in Germany — far beyond what extreme right-wingers have been able to elicit — that Der Speigel’s ‘crime’ cannot possibly be prosecuted now.

The future of any more immigration into Germany, and the future of Angela Merkel as Chancellor, are now problematical.

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