“Biggest ever doping scandal”

. . . so says my paper this morning. In dramatic parsing we are told that dark secrets lie in the Institut Hospital del Mar d’Investigacions Mèdique, Barcel and that Madrid’s Provincial Curt will flush them out sometime this month.  The World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) and the International Cycling Union (UCI) — two of the bodies that ought to be welcoming objective evidence — are pleading that the data remain in the archives, part of a special anti-doping probe, Operación Puerto.

In a world of rich prizes for sport only the stupid — which WADA and UCI must think the rest of us are — can believe that doping can ever be extinguished.  In the professional sports –especially in the individual-performance sports — results will be twisted.  In the amateur sports where there are high cash prizes, then let them become professional.  And, above all, if sports people want to compromise their health by taking drugs, let them do so and we can decide for ourselves who we want to watch.

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