North Korea with an H-bomb? Why not?

There are those who are saying that North Korea must be bragging about having developed an H-bomb.  But why not?  It’s still an agricultural country and, in that sense, backward, and its leader, Kim Jong-un, seems a bit of an idiot, but this doesn’t mean that they’re not capable  They’re a clever nation despite having a, ideological fixation and detestable regime right now. They’ve made A-bombs and they deliver medium range missiles precisely onto target.  An H-bomb seems very possible. They can actually be made very small and thus, when fitted into a ballistic missile, are potentially hundreds of times more powerful than normal nuclear weapons.

It will send shivers up the spine of Japanese politicians, of course, whose antecedents treated Korea very badly in the early part of the last century.  China will be none too pleased with its otherwise weird neighbour either.  But North Korea is a nation-state — something that Western nation-states pride themselves about — and why shouldn’t it have whatever military weapon it wants, particularly if it develops it all by itself?  It will never dare use it, or even an A-bomb missile.  One or two or even all three of the major nuclear powers would drop on North Korea like a ton of bricks.

Nuclear weapons have brought peace between the major nation-states in the last 65 years.  Nation-states are no less militaristic than they and their predecessors have always been especially against small countries or ‘nationettes’.  Government politicians are always itching for wars because it’s a guaranteed way to make them popular — an easy way to get a lemming-like population behind them.

But the nuclear bomb has brought responsibility at long last to those countries that have it.  Even one of the most lawless governments in the world, where religious maniacs still hold sway — Pakistan — hasn’t dared used its nuclear rockets against its hated enemy, India.  Now that Iran is getting the nuclear weapon — with Obama pretending it isn’t — it will be considerably more responsible than it’s been hitherto,  It will probably proceed all the faster to become westernised.

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