Men need equality

Women earn more than £1,000 a year more than men between the ages of 22 and 29 –even though some of them have already had babies.  After 29, earnings then equalise as the most ambitious career women decide they’ve been influenced too much by women’s lib and must make haste to have children before it’s too late.

LIfe is also unfair to men because a beautiful young woman can sleep, or sometimes not-sleep, her way to the top of the social pyramid if she plays her cards carefully for a number of years.  Even the best-looking men can’t do that.  He needs much more — qualifications, sponsorship, more than usual ambition, and even talent sometimes.

The reason for all this is that women’s brains — more specifically, their frontal lobes — mature earlier than men’s.  They are fully adult on average at 25, five years before men.  School exams and university exams are relatively easy for women.  No wonder they forge ahead of men, even in business, for a few years. There’s nothing we can do about this — it’s in our genes — except to have differential exams, of course. Could men lose face by having easier exams?  You bet we could!

Yes, women have it tough in wartime or in economic depressions because, as often as not, they also have children to look after.  On the other hand, highly ambitious men or highly criminal men — which women tend not to be — are responsible for engendering both situations.

Yes, women have only recently attained equality in some advanced countries.  It’s been a slow cultural change — as cultural changes always are — from agriculturalism to industrialism, from a long period when all men had to work very hard to the modern period when machines are taking over the hard muscular work.

Indeed, ne wonders whether men– as free animals — are needed at all in modern society.  Just one thing, though, that will save us.  Families in which there are fathers always present for the children produce better children than those with just one parent.

What about children from gay male parents or lesbians couples?  We just don’t know yet since the notion became fashionable in only recent years — and, of course, legal.  I suspect that during puberty and adolescence in future years the children of like-for-like marriages will have more psychological disorders than normal.  But I may be wrong, of course.

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