Jeremy Corbyn beats Donald Trump any day of the week

I don’t write often about the Labour Party in this country — in fact only once in the last eight months since resuming this blog — because English concerns are a bore to most of my readers.

Suffice it to say that I find Jeremy Corbyn, the extreme left-wing leader of the Labour Party, to be a likeable person.  I would much rather have him as a neighbour than, say Donald Trump.

But Jeremy Corbyn lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land regarding real politik — that is, in understanding human nature in the round, not as an idealised version.

I think Jeremy Corbyn has finally served his own death warrant as leader of the Labour Party by sacking Pat McFadden from his Shadow Cabinet and keeping Hilary Benn.  Hilary Benn spoke directly against Corbyn’s policy in a recent parliamentary debate and, intellectually, he’s a lightweight —  like his father before hum.

Yet last night he’s sacked McFadden, a left-winger but one of the sharpest brains in the Labour Party — who should have been the Shadow Chancellor instead of Corbyn’s oldest pal who has no idea of how to produce an adequate financial policy — in fact, none at all so far because he doesn’t have the wit to produce one that would stand up to scrutiny.

Goodbye, Jererny Corbyn.  Most everybody else have been forecasting this.  I’ll join them now.  How did Jeremy Corbyn become leader?  Because he was elected by the rank and file of the Labour :arty in the country, rather than by fellow MPs.  Why did ordinary Labour Party members vote for hm?  Because they wanted more and more welfare payments and saw Corbyn as a soft touch and would spend more despite the extremely serious economic condition that this country is now in.

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