Why no thoughts about Isis?

One reader has said to me why don’t I write more about the Isis problem in Syria and Iraq.  She seems to think I know a great deal about the life and motivation of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  Well . . . I’m not sure that I’m an expert on him at all . . . but, in my balance of interests, I’m much more interested in the general shape of the future world rather than the Middle East just now.

Without wishing to be superficial about the terrible suffering now going on because of al-Baghdadi’s influence I can’t see any solution.  In any case, I can’t see Isis lasting very long.  As a dysfunctional regime — or an attempted one — in a dysfunctional Middle East whose general population is crying out to be Westernized then it can only be a matter of time before they sort themselves out.  However brutal and terrible this might be, the Western countries won’t be able to intervene in a constructive way — anymore than they’ve been doing so far.

The vast majority of Muslim immigrants who are already here in Europe are no problem at all.  It’s the fanatical Muslims we have to worry about — and also the effect they have over a minority of the young who may be passing through more than usually years.  We need much more intelligent services for the foirst part, and much more thought given to the prospect of young people more generally in a job-destroying age.

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