Janus-like Evolution

Evolution is always proceeding in opposite directions. In the one because we need to adjust to the present situation.  We need to regress to the average — the average always being momentarily the most intelligent, the most healthy, the most beautiful.  All highly correlated genetically.  We need to progress towards equality every generation.

In the other direction we need to be prepared for what might be environmental changes in the future.  We need to be throwing up mutations — at every fertilization event — that night be beneficial in an unknown future. These are futures we’ve long had in almost 4 billion years of evolution — the strategy that paid off. Thus we also need to progress towards variety and inequality — that is, hierarchy every generation.

But despite the different directions of evolution every generation there is always a marginal gain in intelligence overall.  This has led from the brain of a  bacterium to the frontal lobes of the higher species of mammal. Small forward momentum every generation in some species or other.  (What is more, now that precise gene-editing is practicable, we’ll undoubtedly be breeding ourselves rather than trying to invent a mythical AI robot.)

This explains the anomalies of both the increasing equality and the increasing inequality in the world. We are confusing wealth and talent.  While we in the advanced countries continue to specialise we will be proceeding from the increasing equality of wealth to the increasing inequality of talent. There’s a danger (?) that our elite will become an entirely self-breeding population.  It’s called sympatry.  It’s happened in man’s past and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t happen again.

And the same thing applies between nations.  As long as specialisations continue to grow, 180 countries of the world haven’t the faintest chance of becoming advanced nations unless one or more of them can develop their own specialised niches of scientific research.  It is even a moot point whether the scientifically uncreative Confucian nations will be able to advance or remain trapped roughly where they are now while three countries continue to scoop up almost all the Nobel prizes in science.

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