War in Europe all over again


A lot rides on whether Britain will leave or stay in the European Union in the next couple of years.  A least that’s what many EU politicians think.  Or at least that’s what a lot of politicians say.  For example, Carl Bildt, a former Foreign Minister and Prime Minister of Sweden who persuaded Sweden to join the EU, says the following:

“Whatever happens, one thing is certain: a year or two from now, the EU will look very different. It might be a fractured union, so preoccupied with arresting its breakdown, spurred by the UK’s withdrawal, that it stumbles on virtually every other issue it faces. Or it could be a vigorous union that includes the UK and has gotten its act together on refugee, border, and asylum issues . . .”

What a contrast!  Nothing in between?  The fact is that, whether Britain says in the EU or not, countries are only scaled-up versions of the hunter-gatherer tribe and retain their separate language, cultural identity and territorial imperative just as strongly as empires and nation-states have in between.

Just as the xenophobic political parties — of the left and the right — of several EU countries are already reversing their governments’ immigration policies, so will the countries of the EU will be at war in one way or another — not necessarily militarily — with one or two other EU countries.

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