How is it that Britain is a Muslim-Christian country?

There appears to be a row between our High Courts and the Government. The High Courts are saying that humanism and atheism have been unlawfully excluded from the state schools’ curriculum and should be taught in schools alongside religious studies. Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education, says that schools do not have to teach non-religious world views and should let students know Britain is “in the main Christian”.

Despite the fact that over  60% of the country say they are secular and that 90% of the population would like children to be told of non-faith perspectives, the Government would not want to be even slightly associated with promoting atheism — smacking of Soviet Russia until 1990.  Prioritising Christianity in most schools will remain with Islam and Judaism taught in others will be the case for some considerable time to come, whatever the political complexion of the Government.

Atheists, humanists and their various interest groups are naive if they think they can change things by rational argument.  Rational statements about the details of a religion are usually left to the full-time professionals who are involved with the religious organisation involved and can be used to control the ordinary follower.  Religious faith is very much an emotional matter of feelings and behaviour towards fellow men and women and, of course, God.  Cultural adjustments take generations to change

In terms strictly of attendance at mosques for worship, almost 4 million Muslim immigrants this country makes this now a Muslim country.  But culturally, even with fast declining Church of England and Roman Catholic congregations we are still Christian. Wrinkles of it are too frequently embedded in our national customs and practices, particularly those of the elite, that Christianity can’t be dispensed with.

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