Stop-and-search ought to be restored

Since the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, US, last year the police have thinned out patrols in an endeavour to reduce such incidents. This year the violent crime rate has gone upwards after 23 years of decline.

In London since last year. the Metropolitan Police have reduced stop-and-search. On Monday this week a 17-year-old boy was found stabbed in the street — the 18th teenager to be murdered in London this year.  In the whole of last year 11 teenagers murdered in the capital.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, the best possible person to know crime rates in detail, ;particularly London’s, has said that violent crime has gone up since the reduced stop-and search after vocal activist successfully challenging police. They said it had been disproportionately used against black people.  Stop and search had been very successful at tackling knife-crime, because it targeted street gangs in poor, crime-ridden London neighbourhoods, which happen to have high percentage of the population living there being black.   As a result of activists’ media campaigns against stop-and-search, knife crime in London has gone up.

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