Man is becoming a Genetically Modified species

A recent study of Danish young people by Gustaf Bruze, a researcher at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, showed that about half of the expected financial gain of attending university derived not from better job prospects but from the chance to meet and marry a higher-earning spouse.

What actually goes on is almost 100% discrimination, not 50%. Women tend to partner socially upwards and they’re the prime movers.  Social gradations are correlated with better genes — that is, a lower incidence of deleterious genetic variations. And women usually have veto control over sex and potential parentage (or their parents do in some societies). Men tend to partner beauty. But as beauty is also correlated with better genes, it amounts to the same thing. Friendships are assortative — marriages aren’t.

It is a percentage game of exceptionally fine margins carried out over thousands of years which ensures quality control of the species.  In every generation, inept males tend to be unchosen by females and are thus childless.  Their defective genes die with them. Because universities these days have students from all over the country, and indeed from all over the world, then this has unbeneficial genetic effects over the long term.

The reason is that single defective recessive gene variations accumulate harmlessly in ‘carriers’ in the human gene pool unless they’re matched  x with identical variations in other carriers.  In this case, the doubled variations will produce an occasional handicapped child (which hunter-gatherer would cull) and this tends to be out-bred fairly quickly by fairly close geographical partnerships — such as we had in hunter-gatherer times. Well over 4,000 genetic diseases have already been identified, and many more will accrue. The more international our partnerships the more likely they will match up, subsequently revealing themselves as stillbirths and handicapped children.

About 100 of the more frequent genetic diseases of putative parents are culled at the fertilized egg stage in good IVF clinics. The accumulation effect for the rest of us is not serious yet but it will be in due course. Our economic success and consequent internationalism have made us a GM species and an increasingly toxic one, too.

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