Facing reality in Afghanistan

To save face, the British government are flying more military trainers into Afghanistan, a corruption-ridden country despite its notional ‘democratic’ structure foisted on them by the west. Now that the Taliban are on the offensive again, many mothers of soldiers killed in Afghanistan in recent years are now asking: “What were they fighting for?”

They were kept quiet by much sophisticated PR from the Ministry of Defence and elaborate funeral processions in Wootton Bassett, a market town in Wiltshire — and given lots of television time by the BBC. The cleverest piece of PR in order to thank the borough for the hundreds of funerals walking down its high street over the years was for the Queen to promote the town into Royal Wootton Bassett with a splendid new heraldic device.

To try and stay the mounting anger by the mothers, the MoD said this morning that the Taliban were on the defensive in the province of Helmand and that the capital, Sanjin, was quite safe.  This evening, we learn that the Governor of Helmand has flown out and that the Taliban have almost occupied the city. When will the cultures of the Western world learn not to patronise the cultures of the Third World?  When will governments start carrying out some self-repair to their own failing systems?

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